The Oneness Of Us All, Part 1

On my journeys of self-exploration I have come upon a number of very profound experiences. These experiences have altered my way of viewing and being in the world. I wanted to share several perspectives that have come from this journey into stillness. Today I will explore one of those perspectives, which is the unity of all living things.

What I understand now very clearly is that we are all connected completely at all times. In the quiet moments of contemplation I have crossed the illusionary boundaries of separateness and have experienced the absolute connection of all things. This awareness feels like this person known as Joseph being expanded beyond my body, my personality and my thoughts into the collective consciousness of all living things.

This is where words can be less than fully descriptive of what this expansion of self feels like. I will continue to attempt to explain these experiences, please allow more than your mind to participate in this exploration. There is knowing here beyond the rational mind. So in this state of unity with all things, there is a deeper understanding of our connections to each other. This is why I feel such huge distaste for war and the other destructive things we humans do to each other and other living things. From the level of consciousness of our connection to each other, I understand that all negative, harmful acts against other living things harm us. All labeling of others as enemies puts us at odds with ourselves. All mistreatment, all judging, all hate, all biases, all greed, all heartlessness come back to us. It is no wonder that so many people suffer so much in places like the Gaza Strip, and other heartless zones of human misery.

None of this is necessary if we were to awaken to our expanded nature, to our interrelatedness, to the unitive qualities of every living thing on the planet. The Golden Rule and the idea of Karma both speak to the unity of all things on this microdot of a planet in an endless array of universes.

If you are willing, try this visualization when you have some quiet time each day: Image everyone joining hands across the planet, then joining hearts and minds, and then joining their spirits. Feel the unity of all human beings and then extend that to all other living things including all bodies of water and forests, the polar ice and the warmth of the sun’s influence. Now imagine all this awareness inside of you as if you are the container. This expanded state is much more accurate of your real nature than the one your personality argues is real.

Tomorrow join me as I continue Part 2 of this journey of inviting you to expand the consciousness of who you imagine you are.