The President’s Talk and Expanded Perspectives Part 2

The talk by President Obama last night was very inspirational. It is so refreshing to hear ideas from our President that are reasonable, thoughtful, intelligent, articulate, progressive and compassionate. The people of our nation deserve leadership that truly cares about what is for the good of everyone. Welcome to a new era of hope and genuinely positive possibilities.

I feel mixed about whether to say more about the talk or write about Part 2 of the ideas I began to share yesterday. Fortunately on a higher level both topics are truly related. Let’s just say that transforming energy, health care and education are part of the recognition that we are all interrelated. If we care for the people and the planet then we are living the practical response to an elevated consciousness.

Let me venture back to the more metaphysical discussion of the unity of all being and the possibilities in each of us for an advanced knowing beyond the rational mind. In moving about your or my circumstance, we can be aware and awake or asleep. Asleep doesn’t work for me, does it work for you? I choose to keep waking up, are you on board with that?

In higher consciousness we have greatly expanded awareness and a keener sense of our unlimited nature. To live in the realization that we are innately so much more than we have yet to discover means that if we take the time to tune inwards, we are bound to find a huge reservoir of potential. That potential awaits patiently for us to explore and express it.

In addition to what waits within us there are resources activated by our rising consciousness that we can tap into to even further advance the activation of our potential. With the accompanying greater clarity of senses that come along the way of awareness, we can move beyond our usual self limits and step into the field of what is endlessly possible. The awakened vision, sensing and the intuitive opens doorways of guidance and sets us free to create a more conscious and rewarding life.

This is challenging again to write about as if the words get garbled in my mind trying to explain what seems unexplainable at times. Let me see if I can restate all of this with greater lucidity. In you and I is an unlimited potential that we can tap into by advancing our awareness. That potential jumps in clarity the more conscious we become. With consciousness comes additional attributes that make it even more possible to be a fully realized person who spreads his and her light everywhere they go. And in the lightness of our own being we completely step into the unity of our connection to every living thing not only on our gem of a planet but also through the vastness of our universe.

Yes you and I are much more expansive than we have yet realized. I be back tomorrow with further perspectives.