The Light Of Insight Part 3

Today I want to share the third and last part of this series on perspectives on consciousness. Yesterday’s blog didn’t seem as clear as the day before so I am opening to further inspiration. There is where the intuitive fingers dance across the keyboard beyond the regulation of the orderly mind.

First inspiration is that in times where our consciousness is expanded, we often enter a state of sensing that we are beyond the ordinary self. This altered state is one in which the personality shrinks away to minor role and what steps forward is a great awareness that instantly is able to include everything our senses can take in and more. The image is of a person limited by body and memory all of a sudden finds him or herself free of the limitation of the everyday reality. This “wow” state is without boundaries.

The “wow” state is made up of joy, freedom and an ever deepening consciousness. The interesting thing is, the further out of normal reality you are stretched the further out you can travel into new and different insights.

The new expanded you is what can be called the Higher Self. This Self is not anchored down by limiting human beliefs or past memories. It is totally free to be in the moment fully present to all that is possible at many levels ordinary reality doesn’t include. When you experience this Self, you disappear and You take over. Is this making sense? There is self and you and there is Self and You. There is you of ordinary reality and there is you that is extraordinary, beyond limits, totally free.

Again it feels like words are so limiting. The best idea is to take a trip on the Wonderland Express of higher consciousness and then report back. The simplest way to board this Express is in this quiet moment flowing easily and intuitively down the stream of well being on the raft of awareness. Take a few minutes or more today and relax into your breath. Allow that breath to natural deepen with awareness. Let the racing mind put on the breaks of stillness and ride easily on the waves of inhalation and exhalation. Follow the higher knowing waiting to guide you and be open to fresh views of all that you once believed to be reality.

The peace, joy and freedom of a truly open Self will take your breath away.