Take A Stand For Peace; End War Now

We must stop killing each other. I just read that there are still missile attacks going on in Pakistan by the US government. We all know there is still the war in Iraq causing more deaths. There is still the war going on in Afghanistan, which has always been a quagmire of death to those who think they can win there. We must stop this taking of lives for whatever the reason we are given. These wars seem less about terrorism and more but about the US asserting control over other nations. No matter what the male/ego driven rationalizations are these are all crimes of murder.  Our US Government is in the business right now of killing other human beings.  Is that Ok with you?

I am a huge fan of President Obama but I do not support the continued killing of others in the name of war. We must bring an end to these wars immediately. This insanity of war must be stopped any way we can make it happen. We can bring the United Nations in with joint forces and begin a withdrawal ASAP. The mess in the Middle East did not ever need a war but our past leadership lied our ways into it and now we must have the intention and make a plan to leave this occupation.

If we humans place such value on life, how come it was so easy to rationalize starting a war? That seems like a contradiction or a real lack of belief in our values. Real change has to include the end of wars and killing other human beings. Anything less falls so sadly short of what humans are capable of doing.

Together all of us opposed to wars must demand they come to an end. The experts who say this will take time, are not sitting there on the front lines and their decisions models are flawed by human ego and the false pursuit of power over others. They may say they are concerned what will happen if they leave now but they are obviously not interested in what is best for the Iraqi people because they have killed so many innocent ones and displaced many more.

Please join me and everyone else who believes in the human capacities for peace, compassion, consciousness and understanding. Write, call, email your elected officials and the President and say clearly we believe in our fellow humankind and insist that you bring this murderous war on terrorism to end now.

Take a stand for peace today and demand our government to act peacefully in the future. Checkout our peace org at www.peace-together.com and wear a message of peace today.