What's Inside Waiting To Come Out?

As the day winds down, I am sitting in front of my computer and writing my blog for tomorrow. I often put together my ideas and sometimes write the complete blog and then edit it the next day. Tonight I sit here unsure what I am going to write but the words seem to keep on coming out. They come to me just before my fingers put them up on the screen. I have come to trust this process of intuitive writing and it feels fresh and unrehearsed.

I share my way of going about writing this blog with you because I want to encourage you to also learn to trust your own process; you own unique way of expressing yourself. As I write this I just now got a glimpse of what I want my focus to be on for my blog today. Let’s look at why it is important for you to develop your own style and to express your own uniqueness.

I don’t mean clothing style. I mean your own way of being in the world. Why is you being you as fully as possible important to the greater good of the planet? Yes you and your expression can alter the direction of humanity. Hasn’t Barack Obama being who he is already cause some significant shifting in this country and around the world? What about Bill Gates, hasn’t he shifted so many people’s lives with his money and his giving? How about Oprah and her TV show and it’s positive affect on some many people’s thinking? How about your children, haven’t they shifted your view of yourself and the world? These are all people who express themselves in unique and wonderful ways.

Is there a special person in you? Of course there is. How will that be articulated in this lifetime? Will you hold out and live less realized to play it safe? Will you take risks and move out of your comfort zone? Will you step past your fears or give into them? Will you play to win or play not to loose?

You can tell if you are stoking your inner fire because you feel the stomach gurgling, the emotions roller coasting, your thoughts racing, and your impatience growing by the minute demanding that you let loose and jump into action. Without a doubt you feel passionate and alive. You also feel as if you are doing what you came to this life to do and be. Isn’t it great to feel free enough to be fully who you are in the moment?

Do you feel the shift happening inside? Are you uneasy enough to know that change is stirring your mind, your heart and your soul? Isn’t it fun to know the mystery of who you are wants so come out and play? You will know when you are dancing the edge because joy will be playing across your face and drumming in your heart.