Should You Watch Your Thoughts?

It was my wife’s birthday yesterday and it was a big one for her, I can’t say which one. She is a wonderful partner and friend for me so I feel blessed to share this occasion with her. We came together later in life when so much of the craziness of our younger years was already worked through. This maturity from the personal growth of many years being on the planet enables us to share much love and support for each other.

Do you ever wonder what brings people together? Is it chemical magic, a sexual impulse, a past lives thing, open-heart timing, desire manifesting, divine intervention or what? I have always wondered what brings people together to love each other. Why or how do you think people come together?

Really how does anything really come about in our lives? The reason I ask is because I have a suspicion that we are better at manifesting what we desire than we may realize. Whether we make things happen consciously or not aren’t we always manifesting, is an important question in my mind.

What if you look around and realized that everything in your life came because of your thoughts or desires? There might be things and situations that you clearly intended, or things you made happen by accident or negative thinking. Would you watch your thoughts and the related emotions if you knew they shaped your every experience? Of course you would as best as you could.

Well I want to suggest to you that your thoughts definitely shape your experience of life. If you are optimistic and intentional, you will shape a positive and successful life. If you are fearful and negative, you will find yourself in the midst of a chaotic or disappointing existence.

Try this simple experiment through the weekend. Focus your thoughts on positive experiences like love, joy, peace, freedom, relief, health, compassion, understanding, success and other optimistic ways of being in the world. Notice how your overall since of yourself and the world is affected.

I can predict with confidence if you keep your mind on the positive, on feeling good the results will make you want to keep aware of what your thinking. The more you channel your thoughts looking towards what you want, the more you will find yourself living those desires.