Turn Off The News And Listen To Your Heart

If you pay attention to the news lately you may find it difficult to keep optimistic. There is so much political drama going on and the particularly partisan ways of Republican Party seem set on continuing the disastrous policies of the past administration. All of a sudden the Media is attempting to hold our president accountable. What happened the last 8 years when they seem to have taken a sabbatical from investigative journalism? Dick Cheney is back playing Darth Vader trying to stir up fear in everyone. Even super Olympian Michael Phelps got caught doing something not very super and Kellogg’s Cereal won’t have him on their boxes.

Here are some things and situations you may have noticed that need to be questioned, explored, changed: People tend to get themselves in trouble when they get too much into the power and influence they have; Congress is full of examples of the influence of money over the legislative process; The Media is not liberal, it is corporate and they investigate what the corporations dictate for them to investigate; the noise machine of the Fox Network has no idea of what fair and balanced means; and the celebrity watch, opinion news and reality TV all blur the real stories of humans in need all over the world.

All of this is the drama of human ego’s unchecked by humility, unguided by a compassionate heart, narrowed by limited viewpoints, and lacking the consciousness of self-awareness. We are all much more capable and those capacities need to be explored and expressed:

• We need more humor and laughter.
• We need more real stories of people and their lives not the made up ones of Joe the Plumber.
• We need compassion for the struggles we all feel.
• We need to turn off the TV’s and start to listen inward to the higher guidance available to us.
• We need to take care of our own health by unclogging our minds from the chaos of the made for TV drama of nightly news.
• We need to walk in nature and feel the expansiveness of our own nature.
• We need to dream big with large doses of hope and clear intention.
• We need to open our hearts to love and giving in our lives and on a global level. (Would there really be scary people out there if there was real love, enough food and good education?)
• We need to be kind to our own self and live more according to our desires of purpose and personal expression.
• We need to move beyond the blaming and complaining and instead find where we can make a difference.

Have a good weekend and invite yourself to grow more fully into who you can be.