Are You Part Of The Working Class For The Rich?

Do you get the idea that Americans are fed up and restless? It seems there is a general distaste for Washington DC politics. I suspect President Obama is quickly tiring of the endless posturing in favor of the status quo. The Congress seemed to be spineless lapdogs of the past administration and now they seem to battle most changes proposed by the administration. I suspect several reasons for that.

First reason is that there is really only one party in Washington DC and that party is the Money Influenced Party. Bush and Cheney represented the money interests so Congress followed right along like sheep. President Obama is more of a champion for the people and makes decisions as to what is for the best of all. This questioning the establishment makes everyone in DC uneasy because it threatens their funding by the forces of money.

The second reason is those in Congress have no idea how to turn the economy around and therefore are afraid to go away from the standard operating procedures of free market, tax breaks to corporations and the rich. Up until now we have been running the nation according to the faulty trickle down economy of Reagan. This economy of the making the rich richer and then we get what they spread around (trickles down from their vast fortunes) is a joke for most Americans. The great legacy passed on from Reagan now has caused a crisis in confidence because the mess it has created. Bush and crew driven by greed and hunger for power made this ridiculous economy even more of a mess.

People should be angry and feed-up as far as I can see. They have been used as a working class to help make the rich richer. Corporations over the years have been cutting benefits, expecting more hours at work and constraining wages in name of the profits margins. They say they have to make money for their stockholders. Guess who owns by far the most stock. The rich own the majority of most stocks in this country. Most Americans have very few shares if any at all in comparison.

What is your take on why people are angry and so restless? How do you feel about the past 8 years? Has your life gotten easier and less stressful or more challenging and harder to make things work?

Nothing short of a major shift is in order and frankly those in DC are not wanting this to happen. It is the people and a willing president that can make this shift happen. It will take patience and time but we can succeed issue by issue from health care reform to banking reform, from shrinking corporate influence to protecting our planet, from repairing education to ending the absurd idea the wars are a rational option. There is much to do and we are the ones to make it happen.

Let’s put an end to the people being a working class for those in control of the money and bring the nation back under our the control of the people. A nation where reasonable housing, healthy food, beneficial education, real healthcare and good opportunities are available to everyone will be a nation that returns to peace and health.