What Do You Appreciate?

It is Sunday morning and 27degrees out and so far this winter in Boulder has been mild. We have lots of sunny days here and I am grateful for that. I am also grateful for you the readers of my blog. This month I have had over 21,500 visitors to my site. That is my record, last month was my previous best with 16,000 visitors. I am also grateful to StumbleUpon.com since many of those who come to my site find there way here through StumbleUpon. Check it out, I randomly find the most interesting sites through StumbleUpon.

Today I am going to my wife’s aunt’s birthday party. She is 96y/o and a very interesting character. It is also one of my brother’s birthday and unfortunately I will not be able to see him today. He is a person that lives the idea of Thinking Globally and Acting Locally. He is now a Clackamas county commissioner in Oregon where he is able to think about the big picture and make things happen in his community. Happy Birthday Jim and Aunt Helen. I am grateful to have them both in my life.

Do you ever feel like you forget to fully appreciate all those that matter to you and all that you have? It is so easy in this hurry and worry world to forget what is most important in the pursuit of something you and I think is out there in the future. Take some time today to appreciate those you love and what you have. An appreciative state of mind is one full of gratitude, love, peace and joy. These kinds of emotions make life worth living. If you every feel like you are having a bad day just change your focus to who and what you appreciate and things will get much better quickly.

That is even true on a national and Global level. If you and I appreciate all that we have as a nation even in challenging times then we will feel better. The more of us feeling better the sooner our nation will head in a healthy direction. If our nation does better it will affect the whole planet. Again I want to encourage you to spend time in appreciation because it just feels better and works better all around.

Thank you again for coming to my blog and sharing in my ideas. I appreciate you taking the time to read and think about the topics I write about, I trust you get value from them. Feel free to leave comments, I would also really appreciate hearing from you.