Hope For The Moment, Day, Week, Month, Year, and President

Are you ready for another week, as you begin another month, in another year, with another president? What do you have hope for this week, this month, this year, this president? Even more specific, what hopes do you have for this moment as you read this blog? I ask these questions because you and I shape our experiences by the hope we take into them.

In this moment I hope for some prestidigitation of inspiration as I write this blog. Often as I have shared in the past, my blog is more written by my hands and my intuition than by some planned rational process. It feels good to go with the flow that only happens in the moment.

Today I hope to be inspired in my work, focused in my workout, open to more joy and feeling more freedom to be. If I have hope, then I can go forward in positive anticipation. That, too me, is like taking the best foot forward.

My hope this week is that I build momentum in my own consciousness raising, that I am fully present for all my interactions, that I flow downstream toward greater prosperity of heart and in the material world. Seven days is enough to build an energy force for success.

My hope for this month is for a deepening and integration of the new ideas I am working with. I also have the physical intention of bringing my body into a higher level of optimal health. With 30 days new habits can be established and old ones can be extinguished.

My hope this year is that I alter old deep trench ways that have held me back while opening to new possibilities of dreams I have carried for a lifetime. Change sometimes waddles along like a duck crossing a street and patience is an acquired virtue.  I also hope there is a major shift of consciousness on the planet and that we have a significant upturn in the economics for everyone. 

My hope for this president is that he is able to find the courage to win out over the forces of inertia and money influences and to expand the hope he brought to this nation with his election. I see every one of us needing to partner with this First Family so that together hope wins out over fear, compassion wins out over greed, and personal freedom wins out over the limits of small minded thinking.

Let me know your hopes. Have a good moment, day, week, month, year, and president.

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