Compassion In Action

These times we live are calling for more compassion in action. Yesterday my blog was more focused on individual needs. There is however a whole world of people who are hurting, people looking for work, people full of worry, people overrun by fear, people without enough income, people lost in their addiction, people struggling with confusion and anxiety, and many others issues and concerns. There is a great need for us to get involved beyond the desires of our own life.

What do you have to offer you may ask? The answer is that you have more to offer than you may realize. Consider these possibilities:

* You can offer compassion; with the giving of open heart many people can feel better when they know someone cares.
* You can become a good listener and offer understanding and a peaceful place to share.
* You can start a program to help others in need; good ideas and a well run NGO can have a powerful affect.
* You can give of your time at a shelter, food bank, be a consultant, sit on a board, be a fundraiser, etc.
* You can give money, set up a foundation, pay for trainings, teach a course, seek a grant, approach corporations for help, etc.
* You can organize people into taking specific compassionate actions, use your people skills to create a positive movement to help others.
* You can use your creativity to come up with a new and better world, art, music and others forms of creative expression can be great for generating funds.

Today please make a commitment to slow down enough to pay attention to what is going on around you, listen in, and see where you are needed. This will bring real meaning into your life in many ways.

Here is someone who has an idea to make a difference in the world. I hope you will join his cause. Tim Ferriss has a goal to help low income kids in school. Check this opportunity to help at:

I also came upon an insight-provoking article through called, Violinist In The Metro. Please take the time to read and think about how this article relates to you.