Cooking And The Taste of Consciousness

What is on your mind today? I have as usual a variety of not related thoughts on my mind today. Cooking and the raising of consciousness are two topics on the tips of my fingers as I write this. Maybe they are related? Cooking is mixing things up and making something that is better than the all the parts, something that tastes good and is satisfying. Consciousness raising is mixing up a bunch of ideas, instincts, intuitive knowing and making sense of them in a way that feels right and expands your satisfaction with life. Let’s see what kind of blending of metaphors I can trip over as I write this blog post for today.

I love cooking and when I watch the cooking shows on the Food Network, I get even more excited about cooking as a wonderful way to be creative and to eat tasty and fun foods. I often watch Iron Chef and Bobby Flay’s Throw Down, which are enjoyable and inspirational for my kitchen adventures. When I cook I feel fully present and very intuitively tuned in. Oftentimes my dishes transcend the ordinary, or more accurately are at least not boring.

In my endless pursuit of consciousness I often read the Ode and other out of the ordinary magazines for quick fixes of new and innovative ideas hoping to come upon insights that expand my knowing. When this happens, I find myself dancing down the hallways of my mind blissful in the moment of light.

Today’s pages of the magazine brought me upon a like-minded thinker. I just read an article on Peter Russell a physicist/futurist who sees the way to save humanity from its self-destruction is by raising consciousness. He calls the time we live in as a wake up call. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love when good thinking people agree with me. You may think my ego is expanding like muscles on steroids but this appreciation of other thinkers is more a validation for my own search for consciousness and my writing about it here. My passions are consciousness, freedom, and making a difference.

Yes consciousness is essential as we move forward. That means each of us needs to wake up and begin to tap into our vast inner knowing so that we can all be spokespersons for what matters most to all of us. No more hanging out in the back room acting shy and playing it safe. Yes you, isn’t it time to be seen and heard?