Part Two: Cooking For Consciousness

A continuation from yesterday’s blog came to mind as I sat down to write. The art of cooking can include techniques that make it very mindful and expansive of consciousness. You could say the same thing about any activity you participated in that was done with awareness and a focus on the present moment.

When cooking the most expansive thing to do is to be fully present. This means no distraction and the full focus on what you are doing. You can take a deep breath and prepare your working space. You can walk to the refrigerator and mindfully remove the food items. Try arranging what ingredients and spices you are going to use by putting a slight arc in all your hand movements. This arc takes you from the mindlessness of straight point-to-point movement to a full awareness of all movements. Then you can listen in to your own inner sense when it comes to choosing spices and amounts. This will let the present moment inner creative cook show what it knows. I am sure you get the point here. Cooking while being fully present to what you are doing will greatly enrich the experience and awaken you on a number of levels.

This moment-to-moment awareness of most things you do will expand your consciousness. Whether it is doing the dishes, writing a blog, listening to a friend in need, planning a project, sitting in a meeting, holding a baby, playing golf, painting plein air going for a run, cleaning the garage, planting a garden, or whatever, these all can be done mindfully. So each moment is an opportunity to awaken, to be more aware, to be a more conscious human being.

As I write this mindfully, I find more and more inspiration right at my fingertips. My invitation to you is to take on a task this weekend and do it mindfully, do it fully present to each moment. Sure you will wander off course but as soon as you notice your wayward ways, rededicate yourself to the moment. Even the most boring tasks will become more enjoyable and rewarding.

Try it; you’ll like it.