The Work You Are Here To Do

When I started this blog, my intention was to spread consciousness, to work for peace and to make a difference in the world. That has been my work before the blog and it continues outside of my writing here.

Last night I started a really interesting project sponsored by Boulder County. The program is called Getting Ahead from a larger program called Bridges Out Of Poverty and it is from a series of training the county has paid for to train staff to assist people in the county to move out of poverty. I get paid to run this group (one of 5 pilot groups in the county) to start the process of helping people become resources for themselves and others for moving out of poverty.

The next 15 weeks of investigation, group training and process will teach these 11 people an expertise on the conditions of poverty and strategies to make significant changes in their lives and in the community. Together as co-investigators we will be a force for positive action and this will create more groups to build more forces of positive action until the community alters itself toward greater prosperity and empowerment.

I feel fortunate to be part of this process since I am a social artist at heart wanting to be part of making the world a better place. I feel the most alive and excited when I am doing this kind of work because I know it is important.

What are you doing that feels good to you and is important to the betterment of humankind? What have you been feeling the need to get involved with, to participate in, to take action towards? What is your gut telling you to take on as purposeful work? I ask you these questions because I know a secret (not really anything that would surprise you). If you do what know you are to do with compassion, passion and purpose, you will feel joy, energized about life, and at peace with yourself.