What Is True For You?

Friday night is Bill Moyer on PBS and watching that show always stirs me up because Bill and his guests are very thoughtful, make so much sense, and they stimulate my mind in ways I greatly appreciate. After the show and a late workout, I find myself sitting in front of my computer writing this blog. I am inspired to write about what I believe in, what I hold to be true, what makes the most sense to me. I realize that I don’t have all the answers, far from it, and that there are many opinions that differ from mine. The world is full of points of view and today I want to share mine for the purpose of clarify my own thoughts and to invite you to think about what is true for you.

My truths are the following:

1. The greatest solution to all problems on the planet is located in our hearts. Love, compassion, caring and kindness will resolve all human suffering and conflict.
2. The way to bring true health and well-being to the people and the planet is through the raising of consciousness. Conscious people live in awareness, with compassion, and understand that we are all connected.
3. The people and our elected officials should be the governing forces of the world not corporations. Corporations were initially created to serve the people and they must be returned to that function.
4. There must be a more equal distribution of the wealth and resources of the planet. Inequality causes, suffering, crime, mental health problems, addiction, greed, more prisons, conflict and many more of the ills of our society.
5. We have become a prison society to protect the rich from those they fear. The US imprisons about 1 out of 10 people many of whom should not be in prison because they need help for the abuses they suffered as children.
6. Most religion is no longer spiritual but has become big business and taken over by political points of view. Many churches are after your money and know little about helping your soul.
7. Most elected Democrats and Republicans, especially at the national level, are owned by corporations and those who support them financially. They do not look out for the needs of the people, they look out for those that pay to keep them elected.
8. There is no reason other then corporate influence that we still lack universal health care. All other reason given are not true. Profits win out over the health of the nation.
9. Since the annihilation of unions starting with the Reagan years corporate influence has totally taken over. The misinformation about unions is all feed by corporate money. Reagan was only a great communicator for corporate interests.
10. Free trade and free market are terms that simply mean removing all regulations that are for the good of the people. These practices means the rich get richer and the less fortunate get even less.
11. There is a very significant problem environmentally on our planet. All the scientists agree except for those paid to disagree by corporations.
12. Those that block science because of religious points of view do so with closed minds. An open mind would tell you that most beliefs need to be questioned on a regular basis.
13. Our freedom is in trouble by the forces that want to control information in the name of security. Fear has always been used to take away human freedoms. Spying on Americans by our own government is very dangerous on many levels.
14. The majority of newspapers, radio station and TV networks are own by corporations that represent the point of view of these corporations and the Political Right. There biases should be kept in mind.
15. Our educational system is a mess because there has not been any real innovation in many years. The system is rigid and testing is not the answer. There should be no such thing as failure. The dropout rates are skyrocketing because the system is not meeting the needs of the students.
16. War is insanity and starting a war is the pure madness of the human ego and the sign that leadership is a complete failure. Finding solutions to problems is the only way that makes sense and is as simple as people acting like adults and sitting down and resolving their differences.
17. There is not such thing as happiness or peace of mind unless we find it within ourselves. Nothing outside of ourselves can provide true happiness. Peace of mind comes from quieting the mind and living according to our higher values.
18. All emotions are helpful because they are a constant feedback system as to whether we are on track or not with what we value, with the wisdom of the heart. Mental health comes from respecting your feelings and keeping your thoughts healthy.
19. Our health is at it’s best when we listen to our mind, pay attention to our heart, take care of our bodies, and nurture our spirit.
20. If you want to feel good, have a purpose, be kind to others, take time to relax, be grateful, forgive, and love as much as you can.

I am not defined by the labels others may assign to me and neither are you. I see myself as progressive in my thinking, always learning, filled with purpose, expanding in compassion, and ever seeking of consciousness. How do you see yourself?

Please share what is true for you.