Are You Religious Or Spiritual?

Last night my wife and I watched Bill Maher’s Religulous. We laughed, had conversation, and were shocked at scenes and points of view. The movie is very provocative as it questions the validity of most religions. This movie is worth seeing if you are open to the questioning of religion, if not it is best you avoid it.  The basic question of the film is how can rational thinking people believe what they are suppose to believe to be a member of a religion. 

This film supports the importance of questioning our beliefs. So much of what people believe and base their lives on is in need of questioning. Religion is human invention full of human misperceptions. Most modern religions seems to have very little to do with spirituality. Religion today seems to be big institutions driven by money, full of misinformation and led by people who have no more sense of spirit than anyone else. Some of the founders of these churches had even less sense of spirituality and seemed as if their mental health was not in order.

Spirituality and whatever/whoever God is seems to be a more personal relationship that cannot be guided by some mega organization. Each of us has to find our own answers, our own relationship with the higher forces of the universe. Many of those that claim to be guided by their faith act as if their rational minds have been shut down and their hearts closed up.

There is no doubt a wiser creative force in the universe than us humans because we would be in one hell of a mess if our religious leaders were in charge of keep the universe in order.  Thankfully there seems to be is a greater wisdom, a creative source that is an overriding guiding force of all that is known. What that is, is pure speculation and it seems to have little to do with religion.

Speaking of religious leaders, the Pope has been traveling through Africa on a recruiting trip. Does he seem totally out of touch with the reality of the times or what? He represents the church of my upbringing and frankly I see no relevance of this religion to my spiritual life.

What have you come to understand about your spiritual life, your connection to the Source of the Universe? Is your heart and mind open to the deeper knowing that is possible through you own contemplative life? If guided by a religion can you find your own answers or are you following the ideas of those that say they have direct contact? What is your own truth about the spirit within you?

Whoever the Great Spirit is totally a personal experience and it seems there must be as guiding principles: love, compassion, kindness, understanding, patience, peacefulness and the joy of being aligned with the expansiveness of our higher nature. Have a good Sunday.