Snowy Day Off For Birthday

Today was supposed to be fun in the sun and some golf as a way to celebrate but the snow is really coming down. Another year in my life came to an end yesterday. Today I am born anew as it is my birthday. I trust that I am somewhat wiser from the past 365 days. I feel grateful that I had a wonderful year and this next year looks very promising.

Today my thoughts now turn to, where did I come from? What is the source of my creation and all other life? Who am I at my essence? How did this consciousness known as me come about on this tiny planet in this vast universe floating in infinite space? I am still searching for a deeper understanding to these questions.

Have we all gotten too inflated by our personality and ego to see our insignificance? Yet it is not as if we do not matter. In reality the consciousness that we are is the same knowing, creative force that is the designer of this planet and all beyond known and unknown. We however miss out too often by having an exclusive identity with our bodies and personality and neglecting to tune in to our alignment with our higher consciousness. This part of us, our infinite nature is filled with endless love, joy and freedom.
Too often though our busy ego-mind has convinced us of the importance of hanging out at the lower levels of our being in some limiting idea of self-protection. This is rational b.s. frankly. There is a knowing in you and I that is so much more true than the biased mind attempting to make sense of things.

I invite you to join me and to align with our higher consciousness, to put the ego-mind it’s place of quiet service, to turn the light on fully of the spirit that has been part of you before this life and will continue as you after.

Looks like my morning workout has changed from a nice run on a trail, now covered with least six inches of snow, to cross-country skiing.  I am taking the day off, looks like it will be a day around home. Have a good day.