Take Out A Notebook And Get Started

16 inches of snow turned everything white here at the foothills of the Rockies. Looks like another day of cross-country skiing because I am not going to be riding my bike or running in this white chaos. Today, however I do have the freedom to create what I want on this especially white canvas of life. I choose to have some fun, relax, and enjoy life moment to moment.

As I have been sharing with you, The Joy Diet by Martha Beck is a very inspirational book if by chance you want more joy in your life. Today in my reading she suggests keeping a notebook of ideas that can help you create the life you want. Having an idea notebook/journal is an excellent way to stimulate you mind into coming up with creative ways to manifest what you want in life. Gratitude journals can have a very positive affect for manifesting success according to many including Oprah. In The Artist Way by Julia Cameron she writes about the benefits of journaling for seeding creativity and for unwinding the mind.

So here is my idea. Why not create a journal that has all the aspects you feel would be helpful to you. Is this something that interests you? If so here are some guidelines, which I am going to explore for my renewed focus on journaling this Spring.

Spend some time getting clear about what you really want to bring into your life. Write about these desires in a way that helps you spell out what it is that matters most to you. (I want more freedom so I will write about how that looks to me and I have plenty of ideas so writing about freedom will help me get clear so I can make things happen.)
Next begin to tune in and listen to any ideas you might have to make these wants come into your life. Oftentimes just sitting and opening to your own muse/intuition will get ideas popping up like popcorn in heat. (When I think of freedom, I open to how I might make that happen, in my thoughts, financial, my daily schedule/routines etc.)
Sometimes the best way to stir your creativity resources inside is to just let the pen do the talking. Write 2to3 pages every day that have no intention except to open and flow. (I am in the flow of life when I don’t sensor myself, when I just write from a place of non-judging, when I let inspiration guide my words)
Having an intention is helpful. Desires are stimulating; intentions are organizing. Allowing yourself to be open to how you can move from the feeling of a desire in your life to making something happen can be powerful. (I have been clarifying my intentions about freedom and I know what it looks like and now I need more concrete action steps)
There is so much you have to feel grateful about. The attitude of appreciation is a powerful magnet of good things. What today and each day can you see from the eyes of appreciation? Keep notes on new and spontaneous thank you’s that you become aware of through your days. (In this moment, I feel grateful for the heat in my home, and the next adventure cutting trails in the deep whiteness out there.)
Now go find a notebook or journal and get started. Maybe even get several at your local Office Depot and have the intention of filling them up with inspiration. In 30-90 days those journals will reshape your lives in amazing ways. (My journal is sitting here next to me, I am off to explore what comes up, TGIF, Thank Goodness It’s Freedom)