The Cultivation Of Personal Awareness

"There's only one thing that we can control in human life, and that one thing is not our mind. It's not a thought, it's not our breath, it's not our responses, it's not our actions. It is the cultivation of personal awareness, the moment-to-moment awareness of who we are - in charge of our life, in charge of our purpose, in charge of our path." Mother Maya

This quote comes from a spiritual teacher whose formal name is Sri Swamini Mayatitananda also known as Mother Maya. Her story is an extraordinary one and worth exploring if the path of spiritual enlightenment interests you. The above quote is what has my attention for today's blog.

This invitation to focus on personal awareness is a powerful calling that can change our lives for the better. It is a given that our minds are a handful and difficult to bring under control. It is also clear that our responses and actions, to ourselves and the world around us, are clearly affected by our chaotic mind. This instructive quote suggests that instead of tackling the mind we turn our focus to something that will redirect our lives.

That direction can come in the form of seeking to be more aware and conscious of who we are, what we are up to, and where we are heading. The pursuit of awareness is a noble path modeled by the Buddha and other luminaries and the inspirational force of those practices know as meditation, mindfulness and other consciousness raising disciplines.

Awareness is also the realm of psychology where counseling is meant to improve the self-awareness of the client so that they may better understand themselves and their circumstances and make more informed choices about what is best for them and their lives. As a counselor my goal is to be the mirror that shines insight into their lives.

On the level of spiritual activity, awareness is about being more fully who we are by understanding our expanded nature. Awareness is awakening more fully to our potential and opening to yet undiscovered possibilities in us. With awareness we can more completely understand our connection to the creative force of the universe and truly explore what it means to be a conscious human being.

The simplest form of awareness is a combination of quieting down, slowing down and feeling yourself beyond your thoughts. Awareness is often accessed beyond the noisy workings of the rational mind. Awareness is being fully present in the moment to all that arises in you and around you. Awareness is the key to positive change both personally and globally.

Tomorrow I will write about a number of pathways to awareness, some will be a review and some will be new thoughts as I continue to become more aware myself. Here is another thought to contemplate: In this moment there is a vastness of awareness available to you that is unlimited and ready to be realized.