Pathways For Awareness

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of having awareness as a significant part of your life because through awareness your life can be greatly enriched. To bring more awareness into your experience there are clear pathways:

Let's start with the mind:
* Becoming aware of your thoughts and self-talk will assist you in reclaiming your life from the past. Most thoughts and inner dialogue are about yesterday causing you to miss the abundance of possibilities in the now.
* Pay attention to your inner dialogue and make sure it is positive and supportive. If you are aware of the workings of your mind, you can reshape them to reflect what is positive and hopeful
* Learn to be ok with your own quiet mind so that you can become aware of the true wisdom beyond your thoughts. In the stillness within there is a depth of knowing beyond the radar of the ordinary mind.
* Find inner peace by seeking awareness of who you are and what your life is about. Let your mind be inquisitive and always open to further insights.

Next let's look at emotions:
* Get to know how you feel by paying attention to what is going on inside. Emotional awareness enhances your ability to be real and genuine with yourself and those around you
* Awareness of how you feel brings awareness about how you are doing. If you feel energized and positive, you are doing well.
* Tune into your heart, your feeling center and be aware of your compassionate and caring nature. Your heart thrives on positive loving feelings
* Having feelings means you are alive, not being aware of how you feel means you have lost touch with yourself. If you don’t know yourself, you are unable to really know another

Then there is your body:
* To live fully in the body and with all your senses activated is a true joy. Imagine being so tuned in and aware that you are alive to the pleasures of being in a body and experiencing the energy in motion of your emotions
* Become aware of the holding, the tightness that happens in your body and learn to let it go. Awareness of your numbness begins the process of letting go and opening up
* Releasing the tension through exercise, breathing, visualization and other healthy practice will bring to you more awareness of what you need to do to take good care of yourself
* Walk in awareness, eat in awareness, breathe in awareness, laugh in awareness, move in awareness, work in awareness, listen in awareness, and do whatever else you can to let your body teach you about being aware and alive

Now let's explore spirit:
* Explore who you are beyond your ego, your personality, and your life dramas. As you become aware of yourself free of memories of who you think you are, then you can open to your unlimited higher nature
* See yourself as beyond the body/mind, always in existence before this life and always continuing after. This is awareness of your higher self is liberating because you see you are not caught up in life and are therefore able to act boldly and purposefully without fear
* Note that in the times of expanding awareness, you feel in unity with all living things. This is a wonderful awareness of reality, that we are all one and totally interconnected
* Become aware of your oneness with the creative force and source of the universe. Whatever is Divine is part of who you are. Let yourself expand into what is holy within

Awareness will bring well-being, health, love, joy, freedom, purpose, success, peace of mind and whatever else you long for in your life. If you take the time to be aware you will be a light for the world.