Meditate And Expand

Have you ever meditated? Have you ever sought to alter you state for spiritual purposes? Have you ever realized that there is more to you and you want to discover what that is? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I invite you to follow along today. If you answered “no” to all three questions then you may still want to stay tuned because some day you may answer “yes” to one or more of the above.

My experience of meditation shows me that this is a powerful way to expand your awareness of your real self and the real world around you. I use the word real here because too much of what you think is real is not. Look around you as you read this, what do you see? Do you see the millions of particles: moving in the air, through what seems solid, in the human bodies you observe as they pass? The answer is no you do not see the reality of all these objects. In meditation you can see the reality around you because you go beyond the rational.

Meditate on the reality of your mind and you will see that the word train flowing by is just a jumble of letters that have no meaning except what you give them. Meditate and you see that you personality is only local to this body that carries you about but beyond that body the personality disappears and something much more expansive appears. Meditate on the importance of being a success and you will see that your definition of what it is to succeed changes to incorporate much more than the approval of others and the accumulation of things. Instead you can be in the moment of stillness and see the amazing beauty and wonder of all that surrounds you. That is a joyful moment and glimpse of the true freedom awaiting you when you quiet your perspicacious mind and open your heart.

Yes there is so much more sitting there waiting for you to come calling. Take this moment and imagine the quietest and most peaceful place in the universe and realize that is in you now. Take another moment to realize the greatest human wisdom is in your consciousness as you read this. Take a further moment and realize that the love of all humankind and all living things resides in the vicinity of your unlimited heart. Are you understanding this is all part of the expanded you?

Please take the time to explore meditation over the next year or so. If you do, you will enhance the quality of your sense of self and of the world a million times over. Your heart and the world is waiting to dance in the glow of what you can become aware of in your silence.

Note 1: I recently decided to enrich my vocabulary so you will notice an occasional word that you may have to look up. Please before you open the dictionary or go looking for it online take at least a moment to be still and intuitively or linguistically guess what it means. This will aid you in tapping into your greater knowing.

Note 2: Over on my Another Viewpoint, I added another political blog that seems to be clearly written and one you are suppose to show your conservative friends who think their politicians are doing a great job. Read and enjoy if your point of view is like mine.