Knocking On Heaven's Door

Last night I received a blessing by an Indian Saint also thought of as a Divine Mother. Her name is Mother Meera and she has been traveling through the US and stopped here because there is an active community of supporters. She was here also in 2008. This experience is not something that necessarily sends noticeable powerful vibrations through you but is quieter in its impact. She lightly touches your head and then you look into the whole compassionate universe contained in her eyes. The affects vary in each person but receiving the energy of grace has to be a positive thing.

When more expanded people come around, I often go check them out because I feel like just hanging around them has to be a good and maybe some of their higher vibrations will bless me or help me wake up more. I enjoy the opportunity to be in this sacred space of a more realized human being. I have been especially blessed to have this kind of experience a number of times in the past 30 years. Each time I have these holy encounters, I feel like my own growth is enriched.

Growth, awareness, consciousness, compassion, and inner peace are all available to you if you seek them out. Being active in learning about who you are and what is potential in you will enhance your life in many ways. There are many holy people and places on the planet and checking them out will cause shifting to take place within you. A good shift in your fault line may cause an earthquake of change in you life.

Next time a spiritually renowned person is in a city near you, take the time to go be in their presence and see how it makes you feel? Why not open to more light, to more heart, to more peace, to more joy, and to a fuller realization of who you are?

Be open, be peace.