Do You Need An Enthusiasm Transplant

This blog has been very mellow this week and I feel like spicing things up a little. My favorite area of commentary has to do with the craziness of politics. So far according to the polls the people think Obama is doing a good job as president. So far the Limbaugh Party formally know as the Republican Party have nothing good to say and lots of complaining. Are the people a better judge of a president or is Mr. Limbaugh? I have to say I trust the people much more than Limbaugh and those of his sheeple party who seem to cower from questioning him.

Isn’t it time for national health care? Let’s make health care available to everyone and take it away from the responsibility of business. Without health care costs business can use their resources to be more successful. Could it be the money influences of the insurance industry that keep our nation from having the health care we deserve and as good as all the other great nations? Our insurance industry is based on fear and run for profits and was never set up for the good of the people. Should AIG an insurance corporation run by terrible management be continually bailed out by our tax dollars?

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a mess and extremely costly. Leaving both of these messes immediately or ASAP would help out our economy too. This was a mess created by Bush and his Limbaugh Party. How long do we have to spend cleaning up these messes?

Our education system has a huge dropout rate in high schools. What has gone wrong? The emphasis on passing tests has taken over and education has gone from something to value to something to get through or avoid. Isn’t it time our great minds put their focus on educating people so that that all of us can be assets to out communities and nation? Let’s do an education overhaul starting from preschool on up through our once great universities.

What about our planet, our air and water, do they matter to you? If they don’t, should they matter to your next generation? If you don’t believe the best scientist on the planet, then is it our corporations or your ministers now setting the rules of science? Have we lost our ability to think rationally or have too many given up real thinking in the name of manmade beliefs?

Has any of this gotten you stirred up? If not, maybe it is time for enthusiasm transplant. That would come in the form of: finding purpose and meaning in your life; returning to critical thinking; fighting for something you know is right; opening your heart again; getting outside your comfort zone; leaving your deep groove of habits behind; and whatever else it would take to wake you up to who you are and what you are capable of in this lifetime. No more hanging out in mediocrity.

Have a good weekend and keep growing as if your life depends on it. It does.