The Workings Of The Limiting Ego

As I read through my yesterday’s blog, I see that I want to clarify some aspects of what I shared. As I state often this exploration and explanation of consciousness pushes the limits of language.

The most important clarification I want to make has to do with how I see that my ego is sneakily getting in the way. I have a tendency to create practices that are sanguine and energizing with the intention of making something happen. This is a good idea except when my will power is engaged. When I set an intention, I too often try to will it into reality by the sheer force of my willpower. That use of willpower to make something happen is driven by my ego. Ego again is not bad; it is just an innate force of the personality that is trying to survive.

The danger of the ego driven willpower is that some part of me is trying to prove that I can make things happen. This need to prove myself comes from one of the deadly sins of ego mentioned yesterday, the seeking of approval from others. Anytime there is a desire to look good there is ego lurking. This need to be looking good is not necessarily about physical looks but it can be. The most dangerous looking good is the pride of showing off or being better than. That is the ego at work and it can lead to human suffering.

Back to the ego I was concerned about. It wasn’t that I was peacocking about but more that my will was subtly trying to make the universe cough up what I wanted. My ego/willpower dance is a very slippery slope towards disappointment. The Source/Force of the universe will not be manipulated by willpower no matter what way it may be gift-wrapped. What actually moves the forces of change on a mega level is under discussion.

The Teachings of Abraham through Ester Hicks (and many others) seem to indicate that aligning ourselves with our Higher Self/Source Energy and being open are two powerful ways to invite what we desire into our lives. This is the leading edge of my experiment with life. There is in me a desire to create more freedom in my life which includes: financial, time, releasing my self-limits, being a clearer source of helping others to be free and more.

What freedoms do you want? Can you go after them without letting your ego run the show? Life is a fun experiment and full of opportunities to learn and be who we are.