Push For Change Compassionately

Yesterday on my run I crossed paths with a fox and a small herd of deer. On our drive to Estes Park for an Easter family brunch we saw several herds of elk. Something about nature always touches me deeply. The wild creatures that reside in the forests always are a mystery to me, a kind of wonder and respect. I guess their wild nature touches the wild in me. Over the years I have had a number of encounters with creatures from the wild and those encounters have enriched me in ways that I don’t seem to have words to explain. Do you sometimes hear the call of the wild inside?

Last night I got an email requesting that I email my elected representatives to encourage a bill in our state legislature that would create a better health care system for everyone in Colorado where I reside. I of course support universal health care because it is the only compassionate thing to do. How is it that we don’t have the health care we need?

Health care is about humans caring for each other and presently our state and nation are way behind compared to all the other developed nations. Even my health care where I work is mediocre but most people settle for what is because they doubt they can ever have what is right and fair. Why is it that corporations win out over the needs of the people? Is profit more important than humans caring for other humans? The answer is a clearly “no” to me and we humans need to humanize the corporate world to make it work for us.

Healthcare is only one area where real change is needed. No more building the war machine, this is about profit, power and ego not about what is good for the people.

No more being run by the energy companies who want endless profits even if it means ruining the planet and the future for their own children. Where is the heart in that?

No more being run by Wall Street which is just about the rich getting richer and the rest of us just getting by as if they are giving us a break to have any money at all. This way of commerce is heartless and lacks human dignity.

No more letting our people in elected office be bought out by those with money. This has led to a government that is not working for anyone because again there is only special interests and that lack of true compassion and kindness.

Well I am starting the week with a charge of energy as you can see. I find that if I stay centered, my state of being even when worked up over what is wrong, keeps regulated enough so I don’t lose my peace of mind. I can feel passion for change but still not forget that compassion is the way.

Today feel the energy and passion for what you know is right and what needs to change and still be in your heart, loving, compassionate and kind to even the force you want to change. There is such power in the stillness of the moment and the expansive ways of the heart.