The Interconnection Of All Of Life

There are moments that make me feel beyond the ordinary dramas of my life and they can be caused by unexpected experiences. Sunday night we were watching Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, which is a film about the great martial artist and the power of his practice. As I watched the film I found myself feelings the energy of his mental focus and physical presence. This is not something that usually happens from movies but some affect me at a level I can feel energetically in my mind and body.

After the movie I felt as if the energy that was the actor playing Bruce Lee and the story itself was a strong force and my body/mind seemed to be affected. It made me want to jump into the positions, make the sounds and play out the resonance I could feel. I suspect if you have never found a strong empathetic connection with a movie that you are thinking it is time to leave this blog and go read something from someone who isn't a nut case. These kinds of experiences are out of the ordinary but I highly suspect you too have had empathetic experiences that have left their impression on you. Maybe these kinds of experiences happen because my work counseling others is about connecting to others on a deep level of empathy.

I bring this whole thing up because I want to bring into awareness the idea that we are all interconnected. We are connected to each other through who we are, through our energy, through our stories, through our family histories, through our collective consciousness, and through our knowing beyond the rational workings of the mind. This interconnection is powerful but usually not part of our awareness because we are often so caught up in the hurry and worry and in the past and future that we rarely make contact with the depth of possibilities in the present moment.

You are invited to take some time to tune into the connections between all of us who live on the planet. There is a theory that says most of us are at the most just six steps away (six degrees of separation) from all the people on the planet. There is in each of us at a cellular level the collective history of all of humankind. On a consciousness level we are all connected collectively. It has been said that if a butterfly flaps is wings in one part of the Earth it can effect the weather patterns on the other side of the planet. We all feel the sufferings and the joys of all human being whether we are aware of it or not.

This connection makes it possible that if more of us awaken to who we are and our potential to be compassionate and conscious than all humanity will benefit. Each moment of awareness enriches the collective awareness. Each act of kindness is a giving to us all. Each person living with purpose and full of hope spreads that around the globe.

To say what we think, say and do doesn’t matter is to be out of touch with the greater reality of our interconnection to each other.

"All human beings are interconnected, one with all other elements in creation."
Henry Reed