TV News Feeds The Fire Of Discontent

There is so much going on in the news lately that I am glad that I am not watching it on TV, which would be a total overload. I now only get my news from the Web except for the local paper. There are the pirates acting like pirates, the tea parties protesting taxes, the financial institutions are not lending and instead are raising rates to the consumers after we bailed them out, consumer spending continues to fall and many other stories that indicate things are not right.

If I tried to keep up on all these stories, I would be overwhelmed and probably very depressed. If I watched the outlook from Fox News I would be scared and suicidal. The reason I am bringing this up is to encourage you to be carefully what information you let into your mind because it will tend to amplify what it is that worries you the most. Not only amplify by review and obsess about what isn’t ok and remind yourself over and over until you are in a state of chaos inside.

The news is just the news and is not a clear reflection of what is going on. It is focused on drama, fear and what is wrong. There is no fair and balanced because it is about entertainment and is all driven by corporations seeking profits. So there really is no need to sit there and watch because the news is not about being informed what is going on but more about what is wrong about human beings. There is almost zero coverage about the good qualities of people, about caring and compassionate acts, or about the wonder and beauty of the earth and all that inhabit it.

Take some time away from TV news and talk radio (solely opinions about what is wrong about people, governments and organizations) and give your mind a break. If you want to be informed go exploring on the Internet. If you want peace of mind and hope turn off the noise and quiet the chaotic mind so that it becomes more of a whisper. The roar of life in the 21st Century is too much as it is without feeding the fire of discontent spread by our talking media.

Try these few ideas to offset the noisiness of your anxious mind.
• Spend quiet time each morning to tune in and think about the positive results you want to create.
• Throughout the day breathe mindfully and slow yourself down
• If you need to keep informed, read the newspaper and Web and notice how you feel. Stop ready before you get upset or angry.
• A good workout each day can calm you down and bring your energies into balance
• As your day winds down take a quiet walk and let your mind settle.
• Before you fall asleep take just a few minutes to review what you appreciated about the day, those around you and yourself

Explore and enjoy your life free from the generated discontent that isn’t even necessary.