What Is The Life Force Within?

It is getting late as I sitting here to write my first draft of my blog for tomorrow. I run a late group sponsored by the county with the goal of helping people out of poverty. The night is rainy and cold and my energy is waning. Our dog Pax needs a walk and I am sitting here hoping to be inspired.

This has been a busy week but I always seem to have the energy I need to keep going and do what I need to do. It seems my energy comes from several sources that I am aware of and probably some I don’t know. The sources I am conscious of include my daily exercise program that keeps me fit; my purposeful work; my blog; my mostly healthy eating habits, my dedication to social activism; my positive, supportive beliefs and self-talk; and the knowledge of the importance of self-care keeps me dedicated, passionate and energized.

What may keep me going that I can only speculate about include some of the following: my spiritual life, which feels rich and continues to grow; my biological clock which still seems to have plenty of time left on it; my heart feels full of life and the part of me that wants to keep on opening; the Spirit in me or the Source/Life Force of the universe seems to be still fueling me a deep level and frankly I am unsure what else.

What keeps you going? What fuels you onward? Do you feel you have any determination in how long you live? Or is it all destiny and predetermined?

This morning there is a very wet snow falling as I review my writing from last night. I am trying to get motivated for a run out there before I head off to work. I hope you made it through tax day unscathed. Have a easy Friday and an enjoyable weekend. Go Blazers!