The Cultivation Of Spirit

It is a quiet morning here as I sit in front of my computer. My wife is at an Earth Day Event selling our peace t-shirts and Pax our dog lies sound asleep. After working intensely with people all week, I very much appreciate my times of silence. In these peaceful moments of life it is easier to settle into a state where I feel open and receptive to the guidance of my spirit/Higher Self. It feels good to have a calm mind and a rested body.

In this moment, if I just breathe and relax, the Infinite Mind awaits me. There is a knowing inside of you and I just outside of the chaos that too often dominates our waking moments. This knowing is beyond the ordinary workings of thought, which is too often bogged down in the perceived challenges of daily living. Beyond the busy mind is the Infinite Mind, the Collective Consciousness that contains all human wisdom and the knowing beyond the rational mind.

As I sit here I remind myself to be present to this moment as if it is all there is and contains all that I will ever need. I drink from the cup of consciousness when I am fully present, when I am open in mind and expansive in heart. There is a thirst that calls me to drink deeply.

Now is the only really holy place to be. There is no need for a church, a gathering, a mass, a sermon, a minister, a guru, a holy book or any other religious paraphernalia. They are just the stuff of human invention seeking contact with Spirit. Instead look nowhere else but into the moments of spiritual silence available to you right now. Sit in silence, walk in silence, eat in silence, love in silence, drive in silence, communicate in silence, write in silence, be in silence, all in the now. Be here now.

This very moment contains all you will every need in the form of love, understanding, awareness, peace, joy, freedom, serenity, inspiration, energy, abundance, radiant health, peace, bliss, and everything else. Why not be present to all of this instead of off elsewhere traipsing through the past or laboring toward the future?

This moment is alive with the Spirit in you and the Spirit of the creative force of this Universe and all others. Be present, be open and be receptive and step through the doorway and into the infinitely wise and fulfilling Now.