Activism Or Stillness Of Mind?

"To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders."

I came upon this quote and I thought maybe all we need to make the world a better place is that we all develop quiet minds. Here I thought we all must become activists and demand our government to return the power to the people. Hum, I wonder which is true quiet mind or activism?

The answer may be in both possibilities. If we quiet our minds our consciousness and compassion will be available to us. If we get active and involved then there is hope that the people will be the governing forces. Both are true and both need to happen to maximize our effectiveness.

The reason activists have to act
is because without action the ways of the unconscious (ego-mind) and the heartless (unable to feel compassion) continue to dominate our culture. All those who run corporations seeking profit at any cost are driven by ego and out of touch with their hearts. How could a conscious person have bigger profits at any cost as their higher purpose? How could a loving human being not care about what is good for humanity and the health of the planet?

Conscious people understand each other, understand the needs of others, can see the bigger picture, have compassion for the suffering of all living things, can hear the inner truth of the still mind. Compassionate action is making a difference while not lousing heart.

Look around you and read/listen to all the rhetoric, that is the dominating force of the ego. Pay attention to those that rationalize any actions and again you will see the clear disconnect from the heart. Be willing to question those that know what is best for you, they lack higher consciousness.

Only you are the source of your own knowing, be weary of those that claim direct contact with God, for claiming such makes it clear there is no relationship with any Higher Power then their inflated ego. You are the only true source of what is right for you.

Have a insightful and inspired week by quieting the mind at least several times each day.