What Mysteries Run Through Your Life?

My wife wants to be a history detective and go solve mysteries and discover the stories connected to those mysteries. I work with the incredibly mystery of human thoughts, emotions and soul. Our lives can be very interesting if we have the opportunity to explore life’s mysteries.

What mysteries are in your life? What answers are you searching for? What unanswered questions do you have? What gives your life meaning that matters? What are you here in this lifetime to understand or realize? Where do you need to go to better understand something that you need to understand? What unknown has been calling you to be explored?

If you don’t think there is any mystery to your life, then you are probably not asking the right questions. I remember a person said to me one day that in area of science he worked in there was really nothing left to discover, there was no more mystery. My thoughts when he said that were: how can that be true and how could he be so sure? He was mistaken for two reasons: 1. He thought he knew everything that could be known about his area of expertise. 2. There will always be mystery in everything that involves life. The mystery will always remain if there is evolution, if there is consciousness, if there is creativity, if there is adaptation, if there are other viewpoints, and if there are open minds and hearts. Change is a given.

Back to you, what questions about you and your life are you wanting to explore? Here are a few mysteries on my list you might consider:

1. What is life about?
2. Is this your first go around or have you been on the planet before this lifetime?
3. Who is God? Does anyone really know?
4. What is purpose of your soul?
5. Are we humans responsible for the health of the planet?
6. How come the rich keep getting richer and the rest of us struggle?
7. Explain why people who discriminate against same sex relationships are not bigots?
8. To love others, must you first be able to love yourself?
9. Are more and more profits the God of commerce?
10. Is there really such a thing as sin or is that a human invention?
11. How does our government waterboard someone a 183 times in a month and claim we don’t torture people?
12. How come credit card companies are bailed out by the people and then make them pay again by raising their rates?

There are many more human mysteries. What would you add to this list?