Be Aware Of Those Who Are Sure They Are Right

What makes people kill others in the name of their religion? Christians and Muslims have been killing people in the name of their God for centuries. More people have been killed in “holy wars” in the name of religion than for any other reason. What makes people think that their truths are the only truths? How come people join hate groups and live their life in anger? How can people (especially doctors) watch others being tortured and not stop this indecent behavior? How is discrimination against being gay any different than discrimination against minorities?

These are some questions about our human history that leave me wondering how did we go so off course and unfortunately continue to do so? I would venture to guess that these unacceptable behaviors come from human arrogance. The following list is twelve types of people who are letting arrogance run their show:

1. People who are really sure they are right and you are wrong
2. People who are sure their religion is the only one true religion
3. People who rationalize their unkind or destructive behavior
4. People who want to tell you what to think and believe
5. People who consider war as an acceptable options to deal with problems
6. People who believe all problems can be dealt with force
7. People who think they deserve wages that are over 500% higher than those who work for them
8. People who feel superior because of their skin color or social class
9. People who are sure others are always talking about them
10. People who use physical, mental and emotional abuse to control others
11. People who hate others because of their points of view
12. People who feel the world is out to get them

This list is here to help you understand the power of the ego as a destructive force. Large egos mean real arrogance, which is usually caused by much self-doubt or fear and is hidden by bravado. You and I have to keep aware of the our own egos wanting to be in control, wanting to be right, wanting to judge others, wanting to make things ok when they are not.

The opposite of arrogance is humility and compassion. To be humble and to seek to understand the challenges of others is a much healthier way for humans to interact with each other. Let’s hope that sometime soon our human consciousness expands enough so that arrogance shrinks away to a harmless human quality that elicits compassion in us for those who lack self-worth.