Your Brilliance Is Yet To Be Discovered

Today’s blog is a follow-up to the concluding quote yesterday. This quote has often been linked to Nelson Mandela but in fact was written by Marianne Williamson an inspirational speaker and New Thought minister. The message is powerful and I ran out of time yesterday to give it any attention other than posting it. It may not need any more attention than that.

Have you ever been afraid of the possibility of power in you? If so than you have crossed path with a part of you that is only scary because it is unknown. I believe in the innate goodness of everyone (some have been very damaged as children draining their goodness). Innately you are one with the Source of the universe, how could there be anything wrong with you as a creation. This divine ancestry of yours is ripe with the light of limitless potential sitting calmly waiting for expression.

Your brilliance is yet to be discovered. I suggest you step in front of a mirror and gaze into your eyes. See the light that sparkles there and follow it to it source and you will then truly see what is possible.

Maybe you feel as if you have tapped into your talents. This may be what you think but the reality is there is so much more to who you can be. that if you lived a hundred lifetimes you might still only begin to know what is in you waiting to be realized.

No one plays small intentionally but there is so much you learn as you grow that teaches you to be cautious, careful, fearful, and guarded. These careful ways are not the correct interpretations of the inner calling of your spirit but instead the limitation of others passed on to you. Forget those lessons, they were not right nor worth living by if you want to express you fully.

Don’t even consider turning your light down out of fear of blinding others, pass out sunglasses if you must. Instead invite those around you to shine too: then the whole world will be en-lightened.

As you and I move past our fears others will be inspired to do the same. Your light, your courage, your brilliance is meant to lift you and everyone who comes in contact with you to a higher level of human realization. Please turn on the brights to light the way through the darkness of those who have yet to become conscious.

Peace, Joy, Light and Delight this weekend.