Maybe A Little Stretch Of Self

In a never-ending search for the highest expression of my potential, I find myself often turning away from my physical endeavors and focusing instead on my mind and spirit. My body is still strong and healthy but I don’t feel like pushing so hard it hurts in my workouts anymore. Maybe that is self-love? I do find that my mind, intention, focus and spirit have me very interested as personal areas of inner research and self-realization.

What areas of your life do you want to explore and express more fully? Is your career where you want it to be? Are your relationships fulfilling? Financially are you where you want to be? Are you nurturing your spirit? How active are you in taking care of your health? Are you being challenged by your life in ways that feel meaningful? Are you accepting of yourself and those you love?

There are lots of things about life that offer us opportunities to fully express our unique gifts and interests. What self-improvement projects do you have in mind?

This is a list of a few areas I want to stretch myself further so that I can more fully express my potential:

1. To more fully open my heart to giving and receiving love, to having compassion for others, and to feel all I feel.
2. To keep on expanding my consciousness mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that I am more awake and aware.
3. To be more active as a social activist in advocating for policy changes that will return the power to the people and to what is right and good for all.
4. To learn how to flow more easily and effortlessly like a stream flowing downward thereby breaking old patterns of struggle and self-doubt.
5. To more often listen inward to the guidance from my Higher-Self/Spirit/intuitive knowing/the creative force of the universe.
6. To have more fun, enjoy life, be joyous, go with the flow and appreciate all that is and all that can be.
7. To experience more freedom of expression, more freedom of time, more financial freedom and more freedom to just be moment to moment.
8. To have more time for naps, more times of relaxation, more times to read good books, more time to play, more time for walks in nature, and more time to garden.

Have a good weekend and maybe stretch yourself in some way today.