A Hopeful Citizen's Assessment Of Obama's First 100 Days

President Obama has started his job in an impressive fashion. There are still many things to work out and not everything is heading the direction I support but over all it is a very positive beginning. An attribute that I see as key is that there is still much hope in most of us for this bright and thoughtful President.

The economy is a mess but there is action happening and the best minds are doing what makes the most sense to them. My concern here is that the financial world is driven by the influences of those with the most money and not for what is for the good of all Americans. We need to support the President in keeping the people in mind first and foremost and not be overly influenced by those in his administration with money ties to corporations. Objectivity and critical thinking are needed and this President is up to the task.

Affordable Health care is a must for everyone and it will help out the financials of our country. Insurance company influence needs to be minimal not major in forming policy. The President has the ability to sort through the factors and keep what is best for all in mind. Clear thinking and real change in needed here and there is true wisdom again in the White House and in the people.

Torture, how did we go so off course? This President has a real moral compass and he is using it. Torture has been banned, Guantanamo is being closed, and we will regain respect by other ethical nations.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is a mess and I want us out of there now. The President is taking a more cautious approach in Iraq and seems to want to engage more in Afghanistan. I don’t trust the military guidance on this, he does. He has much more inside information so I put my trust in him. He will be mindful of our soldier’s lives because he has heart.

The policy of isolating Cuba is old thinking and it is way past time for a change. Isn’t it time we grow up and act like adults? It is good to have an adult as president again.

We are part of global citizenry and it is time to join with other countries and address the planet wide issues that affect us all. This ego-based thumping of chest diplomacy was from the immature prideful leadership of the past. Now we have a President who is run by critical thinking, compassion, and understanding.

There are other important issues but those will be ok because there is a leader and his family that are grounded in the principles that make this country great: courage, justice, strength, equality, freedom, democracy, independence, and progress. Now the other part is that we too are called upon to live these principles and together we will return this nation to health, prosperity and peace.

From my point of view, we are heading in the right direction and I am grateful for this President and his family for the inspiration and hope they courageous bring to the White House. What do you think?