Fix The Potholes On The Old Pathways of the Mind

What is on your mind lately? What occupies the space in your thoughts most often? Are you kind in your inner dialogue? How come people insist on getting their point across even if it pushes people away? How come people use the same old tired arguments that aren’t even true to support their point of view? How come states cut out funds to help people with serious mental health/addiction problems? Do you have original thoughts or insights? Do we need to suffer to be ok? Is there such a thing as good luck, or do we make our own? Can a person really feel more than they can deal with?

As you can see I have lots of questions on my mind. Is there ever a time I don’t have questioning going on? The answer is yes there are times my mind quiets down but not that often in a day. My work as a therapist involves asking questions to help clients be more aware. Helping people change their lives involves lots of questioning. I question what is going on in Washington DC almost every day. It seems we all need to question the status quo, our own thoughts, how come we feel the way we do, and old beliefs that are blocking us from having the life we want.

Suffering seems to be a badge of courage for those that believe in traditional ways. Fighting for success or battling upstream against all odds seems to be highly prized paths of human endeavor. Do we have those old ideas mixed up with the possible realities of living today? Look around, isn’t there an abundance of choices and experiences available to us? In fact if we have a house with real windows, a car, and cable TV, we are probably wealthier than the majority of people in the world. Does that surprise you or remind you to appreciate what you have?

Take a few minutes today to use your ability to question and to be a critical thinker. Think outside the old pathways and wander into the unknown spaces of your mind in search of greater truths. Wake up from the habit driven dullness of the familiar and instead stretch yourself beyond the comfort zone of tradition and routine. There is more out there waiting to be recognized and realized. Are you up to the task? Have a good day.