Give Up Perfection As An Action Plan

“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That is how the light gets in. “ Leonard Cohen

This quote is a clear reminder to us to give up perfection as an action plan and do the best with what we got. Someone said, “that perfectionist are really good at doing what everyone else wants them to do.” That is no way to live. Be ok with what you have and if you want more go for it by your own tune.

The imperfection in each of us is our uniqueness, our place of further exploration, and our leading edge for self-realization. It is ok to be just as we are. We are not here in this life to live up to anyone else’s expectation of us. We are here to be who we are as fully as possible with all the flaws included.

“That is how the light gets in,” is a wonderful line about our spirit, our, unlike anyone else, expression. The light is from the possibility and potential in us not from doing everything right to the satisfaction of others. Our opportunity to shine comes from our expression, from the light of our imperfect personality, our imperfect life, our imperfect desires, our imperfect heart, our imperfect mind and the rest of our one in a kind way of being.

Join me today and be as fully you as possible, shine the light that comes through the cracks in who you are and then brighten the world that surrounds you.  TGIF and enjoy the weekend.