It Is Turning Green Out There

The gray morning drips away and I sit here in front of my computer in hopes of some special inspiration. Everything is turning green outside; the buds are bursting forth. Today and the next day we have booth at the Denver Green Festival where our Peace Together tee shirts will be available. We are out promoting world peace and enjoy the opportunity to interact with people.

Our peace efforts is what drives this blog because we think peace will happen through raising consciousness, expanding compassion, and realizing connection. The more conscious we all become, the more heart and understanding will be their, the more we will realize that we are all connected on this planet. All that is done on this planet affects everyone; all the love that we have inside can change the world in wonderful ways; and inside of each and every one of us is highest human knowing that goes beyond the limits of the rational mind.

This blog and our working for peace is about spreading consciousness, helping everyone become fully aware human beings. This blog is about opening hearts and being compassionate with each other. This blog is to help people realize the truth of the unity of all living things on planet Earth; we are all one.

Consciousness, Compassion and Connection will end all wars and all human problems. I have written about these ideas over the past few years and I wanted to write about them again today. It seems as the spring has sprung so too is it time for these ideas to spring forward. It is time for us all to contemplate: how we are working to be more conscious; how are we opening to be more compassionate; and how are we being in the world with the awareness of our total connection to each other?

I invite you to join me today and throughout this season of blossoming to:

o Bloom your own consciousness
o Be more aware of your thoughts and feelings
o Set your intentions on being more awake
o Look to further open your heart
o Seek to understand with caring as your goal
o Live with purpose and passion for making a difference
o Act more often from kindness
o Lend a hand because giving feels good
o Get to know the special qualities of the people around you
o Explore the ways we are all similar in hopes and dreams
o Live in the awareness of the interconnection of all beings
o Laugh often, have fun, follow what brings you bliss