Stirred Up, Are You?

It is Sunday morning and I woke up early with my mind ablaze with thoughts and ideas and my body energized with positive emotions. The Denver Green Festival, reading the news, watching a film (The God Who Wasn't There), and listening to Tony Robbins on the Web all in the last 24 hours stirred me in a number of different ways, which I am still trying to understand.

Here is what I understand so far:
Inspired ideas inspire me to feel alive in mind, body, heart and spirit.
• I love to grow and growth comes for me when I am learning new ways of being and new ways of helping others.
• Variety is very stimulating and I need more of it.
• I want to make more of a positive difference in the world than I am now.
• Working with damaged people is a gift for growing compassion in me and it is hard to do emotionally.
• There is so much to do in this country and on the planet to expand consciousness and I want to do this work more effectively
• To me this is essential: what is good for all the people and the planet has to be a top priority, no more trickle down, profits first economics.
• Your and my emotions are the driving force in our lives. I commit to having the most positive, hopeful and compassionate set of thoughts and emotions.
• The Green Movement is about people waking up to what is most important and I am proud to be part of that movement.
• To me, what is going on with wage cuts and executive bonus is because human egos are running corporations and government, not human hearts.
• I feel a strong urge to create and I am looking for some new avenues of expression.
• My passion for teaching is not being met at the level I want so I must make it happen.
• I so much appreciate my island of sanity and certainty where I live with my wife Bobbi and our dog Pax.
• Much of organized religion, to me, seems to almost totally miss the point of spirituality.
• It is time to make some changes in my life towards more joy and freedom.

Are you in need of some new ideas and inspirations? Here are a few ideas:

Go to (also possible on and listen to many wonderful talks, this can be more meaningful than going to church where they tell you what to think and believe.
• Read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now
• Look to see where you are stuck in habits and break out to do new things
• What inside of you is wanting to be expressed, let it out
• Use your thinking to positively shape your emotions
• Focus on what you want and not on what is not ok
• Make having fun part of each day
• Quiet down and listen to the guidance of your intuition, your spirit, your higher self
• Keep your mind and heart open and every expanding


Have a good day and a positive week.