Making More Of A Difference

Today I want to solicit from you ways I can make more of a difference. By difference I am talking about how can I be of greater service to you my readers and to my fellow humankind in ways that spread: peace, consciousness, positive self-esteem, progressive policy ideas, compassionate action and kindness, awareness of emotions, thoughts and self-talk, empowerment of all citizens, involvement in governing to offset the influence of corporations and other moneyed influences, question more and think critically, expand the use of mindfulness and to spread inspiration ideas.

Yes I do have a big agenda, or another way of putting it is lots of things to do that I think matter. How can I be more effective with my agenda? What agenda do you have for your life that will leave the world a better place?

My basic question is: “How can I give more to those I am in contact with through this blog, through my work, and through our peace company?” What ideas do you have that will help me have a greater impact.

These times we live in are ripe for significant and powerful change but there are huge forces fighting for the status quo of those in power keeping the power and not giving it up to the people. These forces dictate policy and direct our government and they will continue to do that until the people demand the power back.

Major shifts can only take place if we keep on reminding ourselves to be active, to voice our opinions, send letters, emails, join social/political action organizations, write editorials, call our elected officials, organize local actions and be part of the progressive vocal citizenry of this nation. There are many vocal forces fighting for the radical/religious right that seem to vote in alignment with big business as if most benefit from the money influences, which they don’t. Why do people vote for what doesn’t serve them well? I highly suspect that leaders claiming to follow certain religious beliefs, which they use to get their votes, manipulate people. What do you think?

It seems more like the overriding policy of those in power is: let’s keep the poor as they are and make the middle class struggle so that don’t have time to pay attention to what is going on in government. Is there such a behind the doors policy?

On a personal level there are powerful forces in you and I that hold us back and diffuse our power. Those forces include: habit, self-doubt, faulty beliefs, numbness, disconnection from our heart, negative self-talk, lack of awareness, ignored emotions, worry and fear. These are things I write about often and my determination is to help you and be more empowered.

My suspicion is that real change on a national and global level starts inside of us. As we become more aware of ourselves, we will become more aware of our countries policies. If we want peace then we begin by finding peace inside. If we want more compassion in the world then we must find more compassion for ourselves.

What do you think and feel? Please feel free to share your ideas here or email me at Have a great week.