Learning To Breathe

My titled today is that of a book I am reading by Alison Wright. The author is a photojournalist who is severely injured in a bus accident while traveling in SE Asia. Her meditation practice and point of view save her life despite injuries that would have killed anyone. This excellent read is about her travels, her long recovery and how she grows spiritually in the process.

I love reading books that are spiritual in nature especially ones, fiction or non-fiction, about a person’s journey toward awakening more fully to their higher nature. These kinds of stories I find so supportive of the process of self-discovery all of us seekers are on. Life to me is about discovering who you and I are at our best as we realize our highest more conscious potential. This journey of self-exploration has been a driving force in my life.

Are you a seeker of self-discovery too? Are you driven by learning and personal growth? What is it that you hope to discovery? Who are you beyond the limits of personality and life experience? If you were full realized, who would you be then?

There are many questions that can be asked here. I invite you to join me and many other like-minded souls and keep the growing going. This light of consciousness is so need on the planet these days.

The voyage towards higher consciousness is in the questions, in the lessons, in the moments of insight and awareness, in the expansion of the heart, and in the realization of the spirit that resides in you.

Journey well today in light and peace.