Part II. More Deposits Your Self-Worth Account

I hope you found yesterday’s blog helpful. If there’s one thing you could do to make your life turnout better, that one thing would be to accept yourself as fully as you can today. The more you accept yourself, the more you expand your self-worth. The higher your self-worth, the more you empower yourself to having what you desire.


You might wonder how I can claim the above equation is true. Just take an honest look at your own life and those around you. Isn’t it true that when you feel good about yourself, things tend to work out for the better? Isn’t it also true that when the people you know really believe in themselves, their lives continually improve?

A positive sense of self releases your onboard immune system to work at maximum effectiveness. When you feel good about yourself your body has: more energy, more natural pain relievers, and just runs at a higher level of optimal functioning.

Here are some further additional questions that can help you seed your Self-Worth Account:
• What actions have you taken lately that created positive results?
• When have you take time to listen inward and pay attention to what was going on inside of you?
• In what creative ways have you expressed yourself lately?
• When have you set healthy limits and said “no” to what you knew was not right for you?
• When have you opened yourself to new experiences by saying “yes” to something out of your comfort zone?
• When have you had a moment to appreciate something unique about yourself?
• When have you set an intention in your life and followed it through to the results you were seeking?
• When have you put your attention so fully on something that you were able to make it happen despite the challenges?
• When have you been genuine with yourself and those around you and how did that feel?
• When have you experienced your humility in a way that felt good to you?
• When have you felt a clarity or certainty of purpose and acted on it?
• What was the last time you had a challenging workout that left you feeling tired but inspired by what you did?
• What particular skill(s) would you like to have mastery over in your life?
• When have you observed yourself without judging, without labeling what you did as good or bad?
• When have you seen yourself stuck and instead chose to focus on the positive?

If you take the time to answer these you will have more to add to your self-worth account. Remember when you raise your self-worth account you get to have more of what you want.