Blog # 800 - Setting Up Your Self-Worth Account

Hi Thanks for joining me today. Today’s blog entry is number 800 and I am feeling excited about this accomplishment. I set out to be consistent with writing daily for my Explore Life Journal and now about 810-815 days I have reached 800 entries. I have been totally committed to sharing the best tips, advice, and techniques I know of or can find to help make your life, our nation and the planet the greatest place for all of us. I am a social artist/therapist dedicated to spreading progressive and inspirational ideas, to inviting awareness, to raising consciousness, to sharing ideas for mental and emotional well-being, to opening hearts and expanding compassion, and to encourage the best in all who take the time to stop by, read, and explore my wide variety of interests and perspectives.

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Self Worth Account

Yesterday I came upon an article on starting a self-worth account written by Heather Picken and I thought wow that is a good idea.

Here are some things I would encourage you to take into consideration as you assess yourself in a way that focuses on what positive and beneficial qualities you have:

Is your mind active and ready to expand it's knowing?
• What do you appreciate about how you interact with others?
• What do you appreciate about yourself?
• What are you passionate about doing in this lifetime?
• What healthy things can you count on your body for?
• What is your spirit calling you to do?
• What part of you is aligned with the Creative Force of the Universe?
• What makes you feel good inside?
• What thoughts do you have that make you feel positive about your life?
• What do you feel most hopeful about?
• What kind of life do you want if you could have anything?
• How would your life be different if you woke up tomorrow living the ideal life?
• What moments allow you to love yourself?
• Who has shown you real love in your life and why did they love you?
• What have you done well lately?

I hope you get the point here and that is to keep asking yourself questions of your true value so you can make a great initial deposit in your self-worth account.

Thanks so much for whatever part of this journey you have shared with me.  See you tomorrow.