The Old Rich White Male Club's Rigid Thinking

Yesterday felt dreary and that is maybe why I felt more in the mood for a political rant. As usual I get most of my news from the Web. What I have be struck with lately is that it seems to me that the shift that needs to happen for the good of all is to eliminate the dominance of the old rich white male in leadership in this country and worldwide. Their old ideas have not worked and the old guard is still fighting for what is good for the wealthy and don’t seem to care about the rest of us.

By the way, I am quickly becoming an old white male except in my work it is an advantage because I can be viewed as a mentor and one who has the wisdom of life to share. Because I have spent my adult life in service of the less fortunate, my wealth has come in the joy of helping those in need and the awareness gained from guiding others towards emotional and mental well-being. My journey has been a great teacher of compassion and about the human spirit. All of us getting to be old white males who have heart and awareness still have guidance to give.

In politics, religion and the corporate world there is not much opportunity for real the silence necessary for deep insight, expanded compassion, and higher consciousness. Instead there is the need to: be right, look good, make decisions, take action, and let the ego run the show. This Sunday morning’s political opinion shows had the old boys club in the news again including Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, John McCain talking about all that is wrong with what is going on as if they had nothing to do with the mess we are in. Mr. Cheney is possibly the head architect of this mess he his now trying to blame his poor leadership on our president. He is as divisive to the health of this nation as is angry Rush Limbaugh. They have no constructive ideas, just destructive criticism.

Speaking of old out of touch white males, how about The Pope and James Dobson. These guys live in the total delusion of their beliefs and shepherd the sheeple masses who follow them. I read someone called Dobson’s group, and groups like his, the Christian Taliban and I had to laugh at the humorous accuracy of such a characterization. Their points of view are solely based on the tradition of male dominance and seem to lack any evolution in thinking as if the past is only the truth. If we lived according to their guidance we would still be a primitive civilization barely past the Clan of The Cave Bears.

The path of the politician and the religious leader seem similar because they are both about controlling the masses and about gaining power. Sound familiar to the corporate world too doesn’t it? This need to be in control means the leader cannot live by anything but values that serve his (rarely her) power or have any true compassion for those that do not aid his ego needs. Church leaders and our nationally elected officials do what they do because it feeds their desire for significance. Nurturing the ways of the heart would be detrimental to their grab for power.

We need new ideas, more awareness and consciousness, true critical thinking, positive solutions, out of the box viewpoints, and creativity to make the powerful shifts necessary to right the ship of humanity here are this beautiful planet Earth. It is time to break from the old limited and heartless ways of the past or we are destined to have the same results. There is however hope as more and more people wake up to their calling to govern from the heart of understanding and inclusion.