Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and to all other compassionate human beings!

Mothers are the heart source of the human race. They know the power of love, compassion, caring and kindness. We need lots of mother energy on the planet. We need so much mother energy in Congress. We absolutely need mother energy on corporate boards and executive teams. We need more mother energy in our schools. We so badly need mother energy in our criminal justice system. We would really benefit from more mother energy in the leadership of all churches. We need mother energy to spread more in our communities.

With the energy of love, compassion, acceptance and understand that mothers bring, we could resolve all the problems on Earth. There are no challenges that real love and caring cannot resolve.

Even us guys can adopt the mother energy and open our hearts to all, be kind in every one of our interactions, show real caring for those who are suffering, learn to accept difference points of view and other ways of being in the world, and have compassion for the needs of the planet and all its inhabitants. Yes we too have the capacities of mothers.

Mothers, have a wonderful day surrounded by the people you love.