Planting The Seeds For Personal Freedom

My work brings me into the tortured emotional states of people every day. I see over and over the affects of self-torture caused by the person’s inner dialogue. These voices come from their childhood past but unfortunately they are then replayed endlessly by their own minds as if they are imprinted on the internal hard drive. These messages, of not being ok, of not deserving, of being a failure, of being bad, are of no positive use at all yet they are continually played as if to keep the person down. The past is kept alive by the mind that is out of control.

This may come as a surprise to you, your pain, your suffering, your disappointment, your struggles are not about you; they are much more about your conditioned mind. The amazing creation that you are, is absolutely wonderful, loving, rich with potential, vibrant physically, endlessly creative, and wise beyond what you yet think possible. Any limits that you have come from the personality and thought patterns you have learned growing up. This personality and dizzying collection of confused thoughts are not you in the least. You are a direct descendent of the creative force of the universe. You have no limits except those you put on yourself.

How do I know this to be true? My 30 plus years working with people have shown me repeatedly that no one holds you back as much as you do. The following are a list of seeds to plant inside that will blossom into personal freedom from what within you is holding you back. Please plant and nurture these seeds starting this spring weekend as if you are tending to you’re the garden of your mind and heart.

Seed For Personal Freedom:
1. Each morning and evening look into the mirror and affirm to yourself that you are an amazing creation blossoming into an even more wonderful human being.
2. Make a commitment to have only positive, encouraging and supportive self-talk. Once and for all quiet the inner critic. Be instead accepting, kind and loving to yourself through your inner dialogue.
3. Take time each day to be quiet and to tune into the still voice of intuitive consciousness. This voice is in each moment waiting to guide you to the life you long for in your heart.
4. Pay attention to all your emotions, acknowledge how you are feeling, keep your heart open by forgiving and releasing the past and by nurturing your emotional well being. Feeling are not good or bad they are all ok.
5. Emotions are also messengers that let you know when you are on track or in need of a course correction. If you feel passionate and happy, you are heading in the right direction.
6. Become aware of yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your sensations, your inner guidance, your desires, your hopes, your gut instinct, these all want to guide you to a fantastic life.
7. In you is a search for meaning, a purpose that is unique to only you. You are requested to live that purpose as fully as you can as if the whole world is dependent on you. The truth is we all need you to play your note in the symphony of life.
8. Your spirit is here to show you the way. This spirit existed before this lifetime and brings an infinite perspective of your Divine DNA. Please take time each day to explore and express your spirit.
9. Treat your body with respect, feed it only high-octane fuel, take it out for power drive daily to pump it up, keep it flexible, and rest it often.
10. Free yourself once and for all from limited ideas and beliefs that are holding you back. You can find these limits embedded in your thoughts and rationalized by your mind. They feel like tension or tightness when you think them. Please take the time to become mindful and release yourself from the limits of your own mind.

There are a variety of seeds to choose from, the above are ones I have used and share regularly with those I counsel and coach towards a more happy and realized life. If you take the time to plant and care for these seeds you will soon get to experience more personal freedom, which I suspect you will appreciate greatly.