The Energy Of Life

Sunday night sometimes comes way too fast. Then Monday morning is here and I head off to work trying to help people who are in a fight to reclaim their lives. The work is rewarding but often when there are new clients the rest of the staff and myself have to deal with their resistance and their difficult addict behavior. Patience and compassion win out but when they are fighting within and with us as they come back alive from the trance of substance abuse it can take a lot of energy.

What I understand about energy is that it flows best when there is no resistance. When people struggle it seems they are resisting the effortless flow of energy available to them. Resistance can be caused by fear of the unknown, by self-doubt, by old ideas and thoughts, by a contracted heart, and other ways we close down to the abundant wealth of energy available in all of us. The flow we have access to is the same energy that powers the universe.

You may wonder what energy am I talking about? Let me give you my present understanding about the energy source of all of life. If you understand this better, please feel free to share it. There is a force that energizes the universe and all that is alive in it. This force lights up the sun, causes grass to grow, guides the development of cells in our body and causes volcanoes to erupt. This energy is in each breath we breathe, it causes the healing of a cut when we bleed. This energy in us existed in a form before we were conceived and will exist after we leave this body.

When we are open in heart and positive in mind we access more energy than when we are closed and negative. The reason being open makes more life force available is because there is little or no resistance. In the flow means open to what is available in the moment.

If you want energy as was pointed out in yesterday’s blog, you must be present, free of the past and not off in the future. The now is highly charged with potential if you are willing to receive.

The following are ways to assist the flow of energy in your life this week. They won’t surprise you but they are good reminders.
1. Have an open and positive mind
2. Make compassion and kindness you way of interacting with all other living things
3. Live mindfully in the present
4. Forgive and move on
5. Follow your bliss, if it feels joyful, you are on the right track
6. Take good care of your body with healthy fuel and exercise you enjoy
7. Accept and love yourself every chance you get
8. Support and encourage those around you
9. Live with as much passion and purpose as you can every day

Have a successful and fun week.