Congress Supports Corporate Power Over Unions And The Needs Of The People

It is rant day about politics and the plight of the ordinary working person who seems to be willing to take whatever he or she is dealt. The wages of most Americans remain as they have been for some time, except now they are expected to cover for their co-workers who have lost their jobs. At the same time worker benefits and retirement funds have seen a decrease. Yet executive pay has continued to significantly rise even if the company is not doing well. Why is this happening and how come no one in DC addresses this unfairness?

It seems to me that for many years now the people have been forced to work long and hard for the minimal wages the corporations can get away with paying them and the executive pay has skyrocketed. Is that fair?

My dad is always complaining about the unions. He is a Republican that doesn't question the party line. Yet the facts show a different story. Unions may have been powerful but they have little sway these days as all the laws benefit those with the greatest amount of money to influence Congress.

Unions are essential yet they have been bad-mouthed by the Republicans and not helped by the Democrats in Washington DC. I am no expert on unions but it seems to me that someone has to look out for the American worker because Congress doesn't seem to bother.

Wage slaves is a term the defines many who work at jobs that pay so little the employee can't make it even working full time. Second jobs have become a reality for way too many in this country. You can bet the Executives of those companies are not struggling to get by. Poor wages means someone is being taken advantage of in the name of corporate profits.

That’s enough of stating of what is wrong. As I look at the mess we are in, I keep thinking that the rationalizing mind has totally won out over the compassionate heart. This to me is why we are in the mess we are in. The pursuit of money over kindness and caring for each other is making our economy a mess. This is really about higher values vs. those that claim higher values but act in direct contradiction to what they say. Loving kindness and compassion are the highest values yet America corporations set the rules and only care about making more money. This heartlessness needs to change or we will continue to sink as a nation.

Please check in with your heart in all that you do. Does it feel right? Are you guided by your compassion or your fear? Too many people think money is the antidote to fear, it is not. Love and hope are the antidotes and the real method for the healing of our nation.