We Keep Going

As I was hand writing my first draft of today’s blog in a notebook sitting along a lake I saw two ducks and their little family of ducklings go floating and quaking by. Then a mother and her three children and dog cruised along the path. Life just keeps on going, doesn’t it? Not matter what is going on in the world there is always us living things going about our business. No matter if the climate is changing or politicians bickering in Washington, D.C., life keeps on going.

It is easy to see why people tune out the noise of the chaotic world and just focus on living their lives without much attention to the bigger dramas of the world. We humans are very adaptable and that allows us to grow and find ways to thrive even in the hardest of times. Life keeps on going even if the money is tight. We still find ways to enjoy what we are doing.

Even when we are troubled by loss and uncertainty we keep on living as best as we can. The human spirit is a powerful force that is not easily daunted. Instead sometimes the difficult times are what bring out the best in us. To be challenged is to be called on to be possibly better than we ever have been before.

What challenges have you faced lately that could have knocked you off track but instead you just kept on living as fully as you could. Please take the time to acknowledge your spirit for living and to appreciate who you are in this moment as fully as you can. There will never be a person as good as you are at being who you are or giving what you have to give.  Have a good holiday weekend and enjoy what life has to offer.