Insurance Industry Is About Profits Not About Providing Healthcare

I watch Bill Moyer on PBS last night and become a more informed citizen about the debate over healthcare in our country. I now fully understand why a single payer health care system is the only way the people will get what they need and not get screwed by the insurance industry. That is strong language but watch the show on the net and you will see what I mean. Checkout Bill Moyer’s Show both segments and below are some of the points I now understand more clearly:

• Did you know the insurance industry spent over a half billion dollars in lobbying and paying for influence?
• Did you know that over half of recent bankruptcy filings has to do with medical costs?
• Did you know that many of these bankruptcies are people who had medical insurance and even supplementary coverage?
• Did you know that insurance companies do their best to get rid of unhealthy people so they can keep their profits?
• Did you know that insurance companies have turned doctors and nurses into beggars trying to convince the insurance companies to pay for the healthcare their clients need?
• Did you know that insurance companies make millions of dollars in profits by denying coverage to their customers?
• Did you know around 20,000 people have died in the last year because insurance companies would not provide the coverage the customer needed?
• Did you know many millions of dollars of time and resources are wasted every year just to deal with our insurance systems?
• Did you know that in recent Congressional hearings on healthcare the insurance companies pressured Congress to not let single payer advocates be involved in the discussion?
• Did you know that Canada has in fact had a very successful single payer system working for over 30 years even though American insurance companies spread lies about the system ineffectiveness?
• Did you know that the American system is wiping out many independent practicitioners because of the burden of doing business with this totally inefficient system?

Insurance companies care about one thing, making profits not about providing the level of care needed to keep their customers healthy. Please take some time to get active and contact all your elected representatives both at the state and national level. We are all being taken advantage of by the insurance industry and our elected representatives are being paid to support them through campaign contributions.

This is a huge problem if you ever get sick but don’t wait to find out, please get involved now.


Sometimes being informed gets a person mad and then if we take that anger and rechannel it into a constructive force for change than we the people can take back this country from those that only care about profits. Please join all of us who care and can see beyond the misinformation and get involved with issues you are passionate about.  Your participation is truly needed.